Sunday, 24 August 2008

Welcome to my blog

Well, I’m not sure how you start a blog, so I’ll simply explain, for those who don’t know, my history in writing erotica.

After some years of having non-erotic stories and poetry published, I began dabbling in writing erotica a couple of years ago, especially fantasy erotica. I had a few short stories published, notably two in anthologies from Xcite Books – Fernie Brae and Night Visitor. In 2007, the excellent and friendly Dark Eden Press accepted my fantasy novella The Concubine of the Temple, and this was followed by Kaydana & the Staff of Ishlun and Kaydana & the Ruby of Beguilement – sword & sorcery tales about a freelance sorceress with a large and inclusive appetite for sex.

Unfortunately, Dark Eden closed due to illness before they could publish my next two books. However, Lyrical Press Inc, a company with a similar spirit of friendliness and helpfulness, came to the rescue. My unpublished fairy-story, The Faery Princess, was published in July 2008, and I’ve been given publication dates, between December and June, for the two Kaydana stories, plus a third in the series, Kaydana & the Crown of the Worlds. I’m hoping to write at least three more Kaydana stories.

I hope to use this blog for a mixture of information, serious discussions and fun stuff – and I shouldn’t be surprised if Kaydana wants a say, when she finds out about it. You’ve been warned.